Our Culture - Our People, PaR's Most Valuable Asset

Few, if any, companies can stand the test of time without the contributions of their hardworking, dedicated employees. You can feel the energy here at the PaR Systems family of companies. The creativity, sense of possibility and our passion for exceeding expectations is as strong now as it was 50+ years ago.  This culture was built and cultivated by a group of people concerned first and foremost in an unwaveringly commitment to quality and integrity. These commitments drive the PaR community to a core set of values that color every interaction and decision. We have a unique group of people that are passionate; passionate about crafting the best product solution for our customers, passionate about building the best possible product and doing so alongside the best possible team members. The key to our success in attracting and retaining employees and our valued customers is because of our deeply held, strong values - values that also form the core of our overall business success.

Company Values

  • Character: We do what’s right, always. (Integrity and Courage)
  • Diversity: Our strength is realized through different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. (Inclusion and Empathy)
  • Ambition: We play to win. (Drive and Purpose)
  • Clarity: We know where we’re going and how we’ll get there. (Focus and Communication)
  • Anticipation: What’s next? (Curiosity and Preparation)

These values help us work together every day to solve our customers' unique needs and are the foundation of our strategic partnerships. As a result, our customers know that we take that extra step to ensure their complete satisfaction.

PAR's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manifesto

Practice Inclusion  |  Drive Equity  |  Promote Diversity

At PAR Systems, we commit to Personal and Organizational actions that encourage, develop, and enhance Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in the following areas:

  • Leadership: Tone and values start at the top. Our leadership team receives training and coaching to build intercultural awareness. 
  • Community Conversations: We regularly host company-wide listening sessions which will provide the opportunity for us to come together in a Virtual Open Forum to share and process thoughts, feelings and experiences. 
  • Training: We are developing team training to help identify how potential biases show up in day-to-day work.

We Commit to Community Involvement

  • Investing in Future Generations: We support both financially, and from a leadership perspective, STEM programs within our community.
  • Giving Back: Having a direct impact on the communities in which we work and live is critical; it is social engagement that drives positive societal change. We encourage and support our employees in their efforts to give back to their communities.

We Commit to Addressing All Internal Barriers to Inclusion

  • Our team regularly reviews all policies and practices to identify our own systemic barriers to inclusion and equal opportunity.

We Commit to Constant Evolution of Our Commitments

  • This company’s long-term commitment is the only way in which we can truly impact societal change. Therefore, we must be willing to adapt and increase our level of commitment over time.
  • Over time we aspire to broaden our spectrum of influence outside the walls of PaR. We envision leveraging our influence to inspire change not only in our own culture but in the cultures of our customers and the companies we do business with.


We provide private health care for you and your dependents, paid parental leave, PTO, and paid holidays. Other perks include an employee assistance program and where possible, remote working.


Start every day with the technology you need to do your best work. You'll get a generous cell phone stipend and as your role evolves, well upgrade your tools to keep pace.


Our offer is a financial package that includes: a competitive salary, company-paid life insurance, role-based bonuses, and a 401(k) savings and match program.


From attending on-site training, courses and seminars, to accessing books, resources, and online learning you'll receive industry-leading hands-on training.


With world-class, one-of-a-kind manufacturing facilities, our production sites are ever-evolving and keep you engaged.

Be You

We're committed to personal and organizational actions that encourage, develop, and enhance Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. We also encourage and support employee efforts to give back to their communities.

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