Semiconductor Processes

Leveraging our technology base, engineering talent, and experience with design/build of high precision automation, PaR Systems provides intelligent solutions to the semiconductor industry.

When manual cleaning processes prove to be inadequate (too labor intensive, inconsistent, produce low yields, or poorly clean your parts), PaR's Process Team can develop automated solutions that produce higher yields, speed-up production, and maintain quality consistency. The result? All around better parts.

Whether its contract manufacturing, build-to-print of a customer's tool, or designing new equipment to assist in fabrication, we can help.

  • Process Cleaning Tools:

    • Wire Bond removal system
    • Wire Bond Weld Foot removal systems
    • Brush cleaning and spray cleaning systems
    • Solvent and other hazardous chemical based systems
    • Chemical and aqueous bath systems
    • Drying systems
    • Ultrasonic systems
    • Mega sonic systems
    • Coating systems
    • Precision cleaning equipment or subsystems
  • Applications:

    • Disk Drive read/write head manufacturing
    • Sliders and slider bars
    • Bond wire removal, bond foot removal
    • Lapping and row tools
    • Wafers
    • General and Compound semiconductor
    • CMOS image sensors
    • Memory cards
    • Laser Diodes
    • MEMS
    • Nano-manufacturing applications
    • Bioengineering applications
    • Cassettes
    • And other fixtures

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