Single Failure Proof Cranes

PaR Systems provides NOG-1 single-failure proof cranes for critical lifts and no loss of load missions of many descriptions. PaR's patented X-SAM (eXtra Safety And Monitoring) hoist safety system is an industry standard solution when you need to meet the requirements of NOG-1.

X-Sam Trolley

Safety Components

  • Emergency Drum Brake
  • Rope Spooling Monitor
  • Drive Train Failure Detection System

Other Attributes

  • (2) 1 ton Monorail Hoists
  • Resolver Based Positioning System
  • High Radiation Environment
  • Hook Rotate with Cable Reels
  • CCTV & lights


IP2 Cask

The IP2 Cask is an example of a NOG-1 single-failure proof crane. It includes:

  • 110-ton capacity X-SAM® single failure proof 
  • Telescoping legs raise 5m 
  • Cantilever unfolds to allow fuel machine access 
  • Transfers canister from cask to concrete cask 
  • Minimum building modification 
  • Seismically designed 

For critical lifts and no loss of load missions of many descriptions, PaR Systems can develop a solution.

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