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Robotic Integration for Print

The LDP is part of the PaR XR robot family. The LDP is an extremely cost effective, safe and robust solution to a tough material handling problem. With over 20 million cycles completed, the LDP drives down the cost of material handling.

The LDP is powered by Advanced Motion Control and uses this technology to:

  • Load up to 70 stream feeders per hour
  • Depalletize up to 70 log pallets per hour
  • Maintains a dynamic safety gate to insure operator safety
  • Read each log's bar code to eliminate loading errors
  • Automatically calculate the next move to minimize cycle time


Robotic Integration Food & Beverage

PaR Systems has done thousands of installations for the food and beverage industry. Systems have ranged from packaging and palletizing to direct food handling and cutting.

  • Variety Packaing
  • Display Ready Palletizing
  • Direct Food Handling, Cutting, Washing and Packaging
  • Even Line Distribution
  • Product Sorting

Robotic Integration for Consumer Goods Manufacturing

PaR Systems has solved hundreds of difficult consumer goods sorting, packaging, palletizing, depalletizing, applications through automation. PaR can handle products in multiple forms like sheets, bags, pails, pallets and boxes.

  • Glass products such as windows
  • Hardware and construction materials such as doors, tiles, dry wall and dry wall compound
  • Agricultural products such as animal feed and seed
  • Automotive parts handling such as tires
  • Household goods including electronics, cleaning supplies and entertainment materials.

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