Palletizing Automation

Turnkey Solutions for Depalletizing

PaR Systems' palletizing and depalletizing systems automate the end of line process for a variety of products and industries. PaR will evaluate your palletizing/depalletizing area to determine the best automation option for your budget and manufacturing space. Our ability to provide a complete solution for transporting products from production areas to robotic palletizing stations assures a reliable project execution and promotes long term profitability. An entire system may include case labeling, case sortation, and conveyor systems in addition to incorporating flexible packaging solutions for single or multiple lines simultaneously.

In addition to case handling and palletizing, typical automation projects provided by PaR Systems include full pallet handling (through stretch wrapping) allowing for forklift handling from a common pick point. This reduces forklift traffic and the potential damages and injuries that are associated with high traffic operations.

To see our systems in action, please watch any of the videos below.

Bag Depalletizing

Bag Case Pail Palletizing

Layer Forming Palletizing Cell

Dual Robotic Index Palletizing

Plant Wide Palletizing System

Index Palletizing System

Variety Pack Palletizing Simulation

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