Robotic Integration for the Print Industry

  • Robotic Integration for the Print Industry

    Our cost-effective machine tending robots start at the beginning of the production line to transport product to a machine. These robots automate the throughput of product through workstations and keep workers safe from injury-inducing repetitive tasks.

    PaR Systems will evaluate your machine tending area to determine the best automation option for your budget and manufacturing space. PaR's Log Depalletizer (LDP) robotic solution, developed by CAMotion, a PaR Systems company, can be implemented for limited floor space, large work envelopes, and multiple tending lines.

    The LDP is an extremely cost-effective, safe and robust solution to a tough material handling problem. With over 20 million cycles completed, the LDP drives down the cost of material handling.

    The LDP is powered by advanced motion control technologies to:

    • Load up to 70 stream feeders per hour
    • De-palletize up to 70 log pallets per hour
    • Maintains a dynamic safety gate to insure operator safety
    • Read each log's bar code to eliminate loading errors
    • Automatically schedule the next pick to keep the bindery on line
    • Automatically calculate the next move to minimize cycle time

    Advanced Motion Control Technology

    PaR's Advanced Motion Control is a patented combination of algorithms that enable an industry leading light weight design, shorter cycle times and precise positioning in an expansive work envelope.

    Intelligent Gripper

    PaR's LDP has an intelligent gripper that uses a built in bar code camera to validate each log's identity before transfer. Gripper automatically adapts to varying log lengths.

    Operator Touch Display

    Safety rated wireless communications links the LDP ceiling suspended palletizer to the operator friendly touch display. Affords operators maximum flexibility to quickly reconfigure the line.

    Dynamic Safety Gate

    The LDP's Dynamic Safety Gate enables operators and automation to safely cohabitate for maximum productivity. Laser scanners mounted overhead are constantly scanning to protect against encounters with operators or unauthorized personnel to ensure safety.


    The LDP uses up to five cameras to ensure accuracy & efficiency. Cameras are used for log identification, precise positioning and to monitor feeder status. The bridge camera enables the gripper to adapt to randomly placed logs and make a clean pick & place every time.

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