AUTOMOVE™ - Automatic Positioning



AUTOMOVE™ Benefits

  • Personnel - Crane operation is transformed from a skill-based task to a supervision-based task, reducing mental fatigue, and enabling novice operators to complete complex hoisting tasks.
  • Precision - Automatic and accurate load placement is repeatable.
  • Productivity - Operator studies demonstrate that cycle time can improve by 25% when move sequences are automated.
  • Service Life - Maintenance costs and downtime are reduced by decreasing mechanical and structural stress that can occur during manual operation.

AUTOMOVE™ Features

  • Time Optimal - Motion paths are generated using optimization routines that command the crane to travel along the most time-efficient path.
  • Expandable - Automate a single move sequence, or additional move sequences over multiple cranes.
  • Compatible - AUTOMOVE™ is compatible with existing VFDs, radio and tethered pendants with continuous or multi-step functionality.
  • Obstacle Avoidance - Stationary obstacles within the workspace are avoided during automatic moves to prevent collisions.
  • Modular - AUTOMOVE™ can be used in conjunction with PaR's other crane control technology: EXPERTOPERATOR™, SAFEMOVE™ AND CRANEVISION™.

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