I-Robo Stir

Friction Stir Welding Robot for Complex Paths and Curvatures

PaR has developed a robotic Friction Stir Welding (FSW) solution. This product is geared to thin-gauge applications with complex curvature where robot-type articulation is required or preferred. The baseline solution for the robot welder utilizes the standard I-STIR controller, combined with an I-STIR spindle weld package and communication with the Robot Controller for articulation. The I-STIR weld package includes a standard I-STIR FSW spindle with X and Y force measurement, mounted to an independent Forge axis. This independent axis provides the high-accuracy, z-axis load control during the welding process that is essential for consistent processing that cannot be achieved through external control. This allows us to rely on the proven I-STIR controller for process control and allow the robot controller to handle the weld path motion. Additionally, the I-STIR controller has a path-correction feature to compensate for manipulator and/or fixture deflections under welding loads.

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