PDS Series - Friction Stir Welding Research System

I-STIR Process Development System (PDS) is one of several leading-edge friction stir welding (FSW) systems that provides advanced capability and versatility. In addition, it explores a wide range of FSW technology applications and facilitates the transition of FSW from the laboratory to your production floor.

Product/System Uses

The PDS system is suitable for any market to perform basic research, prototyping, or short production runs. The flexible I-STIR PDS is a fully instrumented friction stir welding research system capable of preforming load-controlled welds along three independent axes—X, Z and Pin.

Capacity Limit

The I-STIR PDS system performs reliable welds with double curvature to join materials in a range of 0.5mm and up to 30mm thick. It can also join materials with varying thickness and eliminates the keyhole. 

System Features:

  • Precise position and load control
  • Patented AdAPT (Adjustable-Adaptable Pin Tool) technology
  • Up to 5 degrees-of-freedom-field-upgradeable
  • High torque option
  • State of the art control technology
  • Intuitive user interface
  • CAM compatibility
  • Remote pendant
  • Controls, software and weld head compatibility with all I-STIR equipment

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