Laser Non-destructive Testing

An interesting technique that has enjoyed a lot of attention in the last few years and has become a major application for pulsed CO2 laser systems is the non-destructive testing of composite materials.

Decoating Laser

It is common knowledge that aircraft are frequently paint-stripped for inspection, maintenance, and non-destructive evaluation work. Moreover, military aircraft are paint-stripped and repainted for survivability (visual appearance, infrared signature), corrosion protection, appearance and durability.

LIDAR - Light Detection and Ranging

LIDAR is the acronym for Light Detection and Ranging. LIDAR implies probing the atmosphere optically, and then gathering information based on the returned scattered signal. LIDAR has higher precision and better vertical resolution than satellites, and actually serves to calibrate them.

High Energy Physics

Short-pulse, high-power CO2 lasers can be used as high-gradient laser-driven electron accelerators. Conventional RF or DC accelerators approach their ceiling at about 100 MV/m. This limit is due to vacuum breakdown.

Materials Processing

Since the 1970s, lasers have provided the manufacturing industry with a new tool. Due to the nature of the laser, which provides not only large amounts of energy but also precision and speed, the manufacturing possibilities of lasers have expanded exponentially.

THz Imaging

THz imaging has the potential to provide safe and efficient means of providing these services. Unlike X-rays, THz waves are non-ionizing and present no risk to people.

Wire Ablation

TEA CO2 laser is ideal for wire ablation due to the wavelength being strongly absorbed by most polymers and poorly absorbed by metallic structures.

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