Laser Wire Stripping

  • TEA CO2 laser is ideal for wire ablation due to the wavelength being strongly absorbed by most polymers and poorly absorbed by metallic structures. Additionally, the short pulse ensures minimal heat transfer to the wires and a reduced heat effected zone. PaR lasers have the option of tunable wavelengths, which allows you to use the optimized wavelength for your application.



    • Fast and highly reproducible surface ablation
    • Low laser operation costs
    • Reduced heat affected zone (HAZ)
    • Efficient photo thermal ablation
    • Optimize polymer ablation by laser wavelength adjustment (if needed)
    • Can ablate complex geometries that cannot be stripped by any other technique


    • Achievable tolerances better than 100µm
    • Strong absorption by most polymers
    • Weak absorption by metallic structures
    • Simple yet robust and reliable laser construction
    • Very low electromagnetic interference emissions
    • 9.2um – 10.6um wavelength tunable
  •  Lasers to consider:


Wire Ablation System

Need a complete wire ablation solution? 
Contact us to find out more about PaR's wire ablation systems that include:

  • Spool-to-spool
  • Spool to cut-to-length
  • Individual wires/tubes
  • Sheets (flat substrates)

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