THz Imaging

  • THz imaging has the potential to provide safe and efficient means of providing these services. Unlike X-rays, THz waves are non-ionizing and present no risk to people. The THz (300μm<λ<3mm) range lies between millimetre radio waves and far infrared light waves and exhibits properties from both sides of the electromagnetic spectrum.

    The attraction of THz imaging lies in its ability to produce phase-sensitive spectroscopic images, which holds the potential for target identification. THz systems are ideal for imaging dry dielectric substances, including paper, plastics and ceramics. These materials are relatively non-absorbing in this frequency range, yet different materials may be easily discriminated based on their refractive index.

    A THz system based on PaR Systems (Pty) Ltd technology gives the user the ability to scan objects at a much higher rate than any other compatible system due to high repetition rate and high pulse energy. In addition, the tunability of the system allows the user to detect or identify a wide variety of substances or chemicals due to THz molecular rotations and fluctuations enabling molecules to be identified.



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