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Lambda Americas High Power Division (formerly Electronic Measurements Inc.) is a member of TDK Group. It is a global leader in the management of production and energy solutions. It is also the worlds leading designer and manufacturer of Standard and Custom High Power Programmable Switchmode DC and Capacitor Charging Power Supplies. Products include DC Power, Programmable power, switching power, and variable power supplies. It's high voltage products cover voltages from 1kV to 50kV and power levels from 500 W to 50kW in a single package, and are available in capacitor charging and continuous DC versions. For more information on these and other products use the following link to Lambda-HP:

HV Power Supplies

STC Catalysts

STC Catalysts has an exclusive license from NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) to manufacture carbon monoxide oxidation catalysts for use in carbon dioxide laser applications. STC scientists and engineers who supported NASA LaRC in the development of the catalyst are co-inventors on the patents, and have received NASA awards for their efforts. These catalysts are ideally suited for not only CO2 laser applications, they are well suited for any room temperature application that requires the conversion of CO to CO2. For more information on these and other products use the following link to STC Catalysts:


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