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PaR Systems provides material handling, automation, and robotic solutions to many diverse industries and specialized markets. Our clients recognize PaR as the solutions provider for driving quality, productivity, and safety in manufacturing and other demanding environments. Learn about our capabilities.

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Marine Systems Technology Held Grand Opening for New Facility

Marine Systems Technology Ltd. (MST), a subsidiary of PaR Systems, Inc., held a grand opening for their new facility based on Road Three of Windsford’s Industrial Estate in Cheshire, United Kingdom on May 25th, 2016. MST developed COMFIRE® which is a fire-proof material that complies with the tightest safety guidelines and offers many advantages to ship and oil platform designers. COMFIRE® is non-combustible, lightweight, stable in a wet environments, and structurally robust which makes it ideal for demanding marine applications.

PaR Marine Held Technology Showcase

BRUNSWICK, GA, June 9th, 2016 – PaR Marine, a division of PaR Systems, Inc., headquartered in Brunswick hosted a Technology Showcase event attended by university leaders, federal and state lawmakers, local officials, and industry partners. The event reflected on the rich legacy of supplying the US Navy with mission critical systems, but also showcased the exciting cutting edge research and development the company has driven in recent times that has led to tangible savings for the fleet. Along with many other exciting projects, the company has been developing and delivering the world’s most advanced aircraft elevator system for the nuclear-powered Carrier CVN 79 (USS John F Kennedy).

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