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Breaking Boundaries: Empowering Women in Engineering

In the dynamic landscape of engineering, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) conference emerges as a powerful catalyst for change and empowerment. With over 20,000 attendees, this annual event transforms into a vibrant hub where women in engineering converge to share experiences, build networks, and champion the collective strength that propels the industry forward at every career stage. This conference is not just a gathering; it’s a powerhouse of inspiration and knowledge that illuminates the path for women in engineering. This year, PAR proudly sent two of our accomplished mechanical engineers, Karli and Elise, to partake in this enriching conference. Discover their key takeaways below.

The Strength of Support Systems:

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the SWE conference is the undeniable sense of community. It acts as a powerful reminder of the robust support system that women in engineering possess. The sheer number of attendees creates a vibrant atmosphere for networking, mentorship, and the exchange of experiences. This support system proves crucial, especially early in one’s career, offering guidance and inspiration from seasoned women in engineering.

Unforgettable Keynotes:

The keynote sessions at this year’s conference left an indelible mark. The speakers skillfully shared their experiences, highlighting the shared challenges and triumphs that women in engineering often face. In a room filled with 20,000 women, the resonance of these stories was palpable, reinforcing the collective strength that arises when women come together.


Living Without Limits:

The conference theme, “Live Without Limits,” encapsulates a significant lesson—one that emphasizes the indispensable role women play in engineering. It serves as a reminder that breaking through perceived limits not only benefits individual careers but also contributes to the continual strengthening of the entire industry. The impact of women in engineering extends beyond technical expertise; it is a force that propels the industry forward.


Applying Lessons to Leadership:

The focus this year centered on leadership and professional growth. The insights gained from the conference will be instrumental in applying strengths and knowledge to encourage others to grow. Supported by remarkable women in the journey, there is an aspiration to pay it forward by becoming a source of inspiration for younger women in engineering.


The Dual Strength of Being a Woman in Engineering:

Being a woman in engineering is a unique experience. It involves navigating a field not always designed with diversity in mind. Yet, there’s a strength that comes from this duality. The SWE conference serves as a reminder that the differences brought to the table, as women in engineering, are sources of strength. These distinctions contribute to a richer understanding of what it means to be an engineer.

Guidance for Future Engineers

To female students contemplating a career in engineering, there are two pieces of guidance. Firstly, lean into female peers. The strength derived from a supportive network is immeasurable. Secondly, recognize the inherent strength. Purposefully entering a space that may not have been originally crafted for one requires courage and resilience. Remember, the more women in engineering, the more there is a reshaping and redefining of these spaces.