Robotics and Precision Motion Control

Robotics and precision servo motion control are hallmarks of OakRiver Technology's, a PaR Life Science business, automation expertise.

Not only do we have extensive experience integrating a wide variety of robot platforms (including Cartesian, SCARA, delta-style, and six-axis robots), we've integrated hundreds of robots from Adept, FANUC Epson, Denso, and more.  As part of our complete automation solution, we often design end effectors, tooling, and integrate vision for guided motion and/or inspection.

Our applications engineering team can help you determine the best type of robot for your application, and provide the right solutions for your needs, including:

  • Robotic Assembly:  Whether assembling a complete product, stacking materials, welding components, dispensing adhesive, or final packaging, we've used robots to improve quality and increase efficiency.
  • Robotic Material Handling: From basic component movement/placement to loading ovens to feeding test systems, we have a broad range of robotic material handling experience.
  • Precision Motion: We've deployed multi-axis coordinated servo motion systems with placement accuracy of 0.0002" (vision to motion guided).

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OakRiver Technology, a PaR Life Science business, has led the medical device, pharmaceutical, and bio tech industries with state of the art, first of their kind solutions. Today, we continue to build on our tradition and look forward to solving your unique challenges. We're available seven days a week, every day of the year. Please contact us to discuss your project. 

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