Leading edge technology is the foundation of our business. At OakRiver Technology, a PaR Life Science business, we utilize the following technologies to meet your specific goals:

Robotics and Precision Motion Control

  • Vision Guided Robotics 
  • Vision Inspection Process 
  • Multi-Axis Robotics 
  • Multi-Axis Servo Motion Control 
  • Miniature Parts Handling 
  • Precision Punching and Drilling 
  • Precision Honing and Excising 
  • Web and Winding Technologies  

Laser Processing

  • Laser Integration 
  • Laser Welding 
  • Laser Drilling 
  • Laser Cutting  


  • Test Systems 
  • Flexible Work Cells 
  • Custom Controls and Software 
  • Process Development  

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OakRiver Technology, a PaR Life Science business, has led the medical device, pharmaceutical, and bio tech industries with state of the art, first of their kind solutions. Today, we continue to build on our tradition and look forward to solving your unique challenges. We're available seven days a week, every day of the year. Please contact us to discuss your project. 

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