Cutting and Trimming

Benefits of PaR's Waterjet:

  • Fully automated with integrated automatic self-calibration routines and automatic head exchanges to accommodate auxiliary processes.
  • Cutting with Catchers or cutting submerged in cutting tanks, either way PaR manages the energy of the system to provide reliable operations.
  • Fully Integrated Configurable Fixtures to accommodate families of parts
  • Integrated automatic load/unload systems
  • Integrated scanning to map part actual geometry and adaptively trim to ensure the correct part geometry even when spring back means the part is not in its nominal contour.
  • Integrated probing and inspection capability to perform geometric validation in the machine without having to transport to a secondary inspection station.


  • Auto calibration
  • Automatic tool exchange for both ultrasonic knives and discs as well as for spindle tools.
  • Calibration stations


Our systems are proven dependable in real production operations, but should you need help, our certified service personnel are available 24-hours a day, every day of the year. Need assistance? Please contact us for support.

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