Vision Systems

Precision materials, assembly, and processes require high accuracy

Most solutions OakRiver Technology, a PaR Life Science business, develops contain some type of machine vision, including vision inspection and vision-guided motion, to achieve the desired accuracy and precision in a process.

Vision Systems applications include:

  • Vision Inspection: pre and post inspection of components and assemblies
  • Vision Registration:  fiducial marks, geometry, alignment for processing
  • Vision Measurement: positional, region of interest
  • Vision Guided Motion: flex picking, web following, adhesive dispense, precision placement

Whether inspecting a component prior to assembly, targeting positions, or performing post-inspection, we understand how to leverage vision in order to deliver a robust system. Techniques include pixel counting, blob discovery, edge detection, barcode reading, and template matching to name a few. Our systems engineers are experienced in developing vision tools as part of a complete automation solution.


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