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Decontamination & Ablation

We are experts at ablation and decontamination for removing coatings, debris and residues on parts and materials.

PAR Systems has decades of experience with accurate ablation technologies and motion systems ensures our solutions meet the specific tolerances for your application. Our proven robust system design, and use of highly reliable proven components, are what our clients depend on for high precision solutions at maximum productivity levels.

There isn’t a laser challenge we can’t solve.

We don’t limit ourselves to what we’ve done before. We are problem solvers and are willing to find a solution to your laser challenges. You may be searching for a laser that can process difficult materials and might not be able to find a commercial solution. PAR can design a laser solution for you.


PAR’s team has expertise in automating any laser processes and our team can help navigate to the right laser solutions for your applications.

Put cutting-edge technology to work for your operation.

Decontamination & Ablation

Micro precision to the thousandths of an inch.

How precise can we get? We can remove coatings as thin as a thousandth of an inch without damaging the wire below.


PAR can integrate multiple lasers into a single system to meet dimensional and edge quality requirements. If you need to ablate multiple sides of a part at once, we have a beam path design solution for that. Our wire-handling machines can spool to spool, cut to length, and perform wire handling options all in one integrated system.

The PAR Advantage

Industry-leading engineering.

Why should you trust PAR for a laser decontamination or ablation system? We have decades of automation and laser integration experience, along with impressive engineering talent. We have expertise in developing ablation systems using a variety of technologies including FlashJet, laser ablation, CO₂ blasting and plasma. We have a state-of-the-art facility and we work with many of the largest medical device manufacturers and we are ISO9001 and 13485 certified to meet the most stringent quality standards.