Robotic Storage and Retrieval System 

Automated Product Distribution Solution 

PaR’s Robotic Storage and Retrieval System was designed to deliver a completely automated product point of sale distribution system for medical, manufacturing and retail industries. This system is also designed to accommodate internal distribution for customers like hospitals or nursing homes.

Customers can interface with an interactive kiosk to purchase products with automatic retrieval and dispensing. 

Advantages and Benefits of the Robotic Storage and Retrieval System 

This system comes with these primary benefits:

  • The Robotic Storage and Retrieval System houses over 18,000 items vertically and has freed up over 1,000 square feet (92.9 square meters) of store floor space.
  • Traceability of product distribution
  • Track, manage and restock over 18,000 SKUS products of varying sizes and shapes
  • Real-time inventory tracking for product management
  • Real estate efficiency: Vertically integrted modular design that can expand in height and width 
  • Speed of delivery: Customers have access to each item in under a minute to save time searching for the item 
  • Unmanned robotic system: Empowers customers to buy products originally under lock and key without assistance of an employee.
  • The Robotic Storage and Retrieval System looks at buying trends, so it is always stocked with the most current and relevant items according to trends for that individual store.


Today, businesses want to know where their products are being distributed and who’s distributing it. PaR’s Robotic Storage and Retrieval system becomes your businesses product management system, by tracking the products in real time, keeping the information up to date and 100% accurate.

Every product that enters the system is inventoried and the dispensing in controlled, adding scale and precision to your business processes. 

Real Estate 

Many businesses today are facing challenges of where to store inventory and get spaces for all of their products. PaR’S Robotic Storage and Retrieval System is modular, meaning it can expand in height and weight. This allows you to vertically integrate your products, saving you money and valuable real estate. This is great for the medical, manufacturing and retail industries, who deal with many inventory issues. 

Unmanned Robotic System 

This system works alone. It runs completely un-attended from any operator. The only thing your operators are in charge of is loading in product at the beginning of their shift or at the end of the day. Besides that, your customers are able to interact with the system using the self-service front kiosk. The customer can go into the kiosk, pick their desired product and the system does all the work behind the scenes – finding the product, dispensing it and updating your businesses inventory of products. 

The Right Retail Automation Product Solution for You

Automation is moving beyond warehouses and into industries like medical, manufacturing, retail, hopsitals and nursing homes. Do you want to bring your business to the cutting edge of automation? PaR Systems has the product solution for your needs. PaR Systems’ Robotic Storage and Retrieval technology brings your business vision to life.

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