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Side Load and Snag Detection

  • Side Load and Snag Detection with CRANEVISION™

    PaR Systems' CRANEVISION™ is a combination of advanced motion control and machine vision technologies. Vision-based crane manipulation helps the operator avoid side pull and snag conditions for safer crane operations.

    Sensory information about hook position is obtained by using an industrial machine-vision camera, together with robust hook tracking software. The camera is mounted on the trolley, near the cable drum, and is oriented downward. In this configuration, the hook is always visible to the camera. The camera captures and analyzes images of the hook position and issues this information to the CRANEVISION™ controller.

    With CRANEVISION™ the crane is made safer and smarter. Dangerous conditions, like off center hoists and snags, can be detected and appropriate action taken to avoid accidents. Logic control allows for configurable response to these conditions.




  • Auto Centering - CRANEVISION™ automatically centers the bridge and trolley over the load during hoisting. This facilitates safety centered hoisting makes centering the load before a pick easier for the operator.
  • Side Load Detection - CRANEVISION™ prevents the crane from hoisting if the load is not centered under the hook. This prevents the load from shifting or swinging when it's picked up off the ground.
  • Snag Detection CRANEVISION™ can prevent adverse load motion under most snagging conditions. When a snag condition is detected the system issues a stop command to the motors.


  • Proven - CRANEVISION™ technology has a proven industrial track record with applications on heavy equipment production cranes, primary metals coil cranes, and general purpose single & double girder bridge cranes.
  • Compatible - CRANEVISION™ is compatible with existing VFDs. Enabling and disabling CRANEVISION™ can be accomplished with existing wired or radio pendants.
  • Modular - CRANEVISION™ can be used in conjunction with PaR’s other crane control technology: EXPERTOPERATOR™, SAFEMOVE™ and AUTOMOVE™.
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