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Laser Cleaning

High-performance lasers integrated with automation to address part and material cleaning needs.

Tool and die cleaning is a critical factor to keep up with increasing production rates. And many manufacturers have requirements to automate coating removal on materials to achieve throughput goals. PAR Systems uses lasers and other proven processes to meet these demands.

An environmentally friendly method of cleaning.

Cleaning of tooling, parts, and materials may be required to remove debris from dies or molds. This is often needed for part inspection purposes or non-destructive evaluation work. Manufacturers have traditionally used hazardous chemicals and waste-generating processes to perform surface cleaning and coating removal. These traditional methods require not only the use of hazardous materials, but also generate large amounts of hazardous waste while posing a significant occupational health risk for workers. Laser cleaning requires no blast media, no chemicals, and no manual exertion making it a much safer, environmentally friendly alternative to cleaning parts and tooling.

Put cutting-edge technology to work for your operation.

Automated Cleaning

Consistent high quality results.

PAR’s automated cleaning systems provide customized, high-tech solutions to maximize your productivity. The increasing use of composites across industries means that layup tool cleaning is a critical factor to keep up with increasing production rates. Automating cleaning of these tools provides consistent high quality results to better support higher production rates. PAR specializes in proven cleaning processes including laser ablation.


Other cleaning and removal technologies we also specialize in include CO₂ blasting, and plasma surface activation. Materials we frequently automate cleaning of are metal layup tools, tooling dies,  metallic and composite parts.

Benefits of automated laser cleaning

Highly reliable cleaning.

  • Significantly improves cycle time, reduces operating  costs and improves productivity
  • Produces more consistent quality, part to part
  • Improves health and safety conditions in the manufacturing environment – no media or chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly – no secondary waste or residues
  • Highly reliable, quiet, quick, and easy to set-up
  • Easy to automate with high repeatability
  • With multi-part loading, different parts can be cleaned more efficiently by combining common processes
  • Multi-function processes can be combined to include scanning, cleaning, and mold release application to eliminate manual change over between processes and maximize manufacturing real estate
  • PAR provides total management of the system for highly reliable operations