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Cranes & Nuclear Equipment

Rad Tolerant Handling Equipment

PAR has delivered hundreds of radiation-tolerant manipulators and cranes across the globe. Our systems have been utilized in a wide variety of specialized and hazardous environments.

Delivering remote handling systems to national laboratories, nuclear facilities, engineering firms and more. We engineer and build our equipment to withstand the harshest of environments.

Next-level precision & expertise.

We have engineered hundreds of intelligent solutions for radioactive or caustic environments, decommissioning applications, explosive particulate and gasses, underwater applications, elevated temperature, and chemical and conventional munitions demilitarization.

PAR Systems telerobotic and power manipulator systems enable national laboratory and decommissioning sites worldwide to meet the unique challenges associated with operations in hazardous environments.

Decontamination Equipment
Remote Material Handling
Nuclear Process Facilities
Robotic Motion Platform (TensileTruss Technology)
High Capacity Specialized Cranes

PAR Manipulators are designed to stand the test of time.

Radiation Hardened Manipulators

Time-tested technology.

PAR’s design of the M3000 and M6000 arms delivered to the fledgling nuclear industry in the 1960s laid the foundation for the production design used today. The reliability of PAR’s M3000 and M6000 manipulators has made them the workhorses of hot cells and remote nuclear handling around the globe.

Telescoping Masts

Deployment platforms.

PAR Systems designs and delivers electromechanical telescoping masts for deployment platforms for inspection systems, material handling (underwater or subfloor), and remote operations.

TensileTruss Technology

Remote tool delivery.

PAR’s TensileTruss technology offers an innovative tool delivery platform as an alternative to end-of-telescoping mast tool placement when extreme vertical travel is needed. High degree of stiffness, inherent redundancy, platform/tool articulation and seismic stability are features of the TensileTruss.

In-Cell Cranes

Cranes for harsh environments.

PAR’s hazardous environment cranes are primarily used as load lifters and integration for the transportation of manipulator systems.

Motorized Telemanipulators

More power to telemanipulators.

PAR’s motorized telemanipulators, MTR-HD improves operator ergonomics by providing a motor-driven alternative to manual telemanipulator operations.

Steven J.
Project Engineer, Equipment Engineering Group, Ace

Have had a pleasure working with your teams, with great results.

Steven J.
Project Engineer, Equipment Engineering Group, Ace