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Adaptive Manufacturing Boosts Productivity: A 40% Surge in Large Composite Parts Production


A global leader in aerospace manufacturing sought to improve the efficiency and productivity of its
production processes for large composite structures. Traditional methods of waterjet cutting and spindle operations were time-consuming, requiring multiple machines and extensive material handling.
The company needed an innovative solution to enhance productivity, maintain aerospace level accuracies, reduce material handling and maintain the highest safety standards while improving its manufacturing processes.

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To tackle the challenge, PAR Systems provided a Precision Waterjet Trim/Drill System. The system harnessed the power of established designs, enabling advanced waterjet cutting systems that are versatile enough to handle these very large heavy composite parts. This was achieved through the strategic incorporation of a COTS intensifier and waterjet equipment, guaranteeing both reliability and ease of maintenance. The system’s innovation lies in its unique integration of proven key technologies into a single production unit, while maintaining required accuracies and across multiple manufacturing processes, not only minimizing project risk but also optimizing floor space.

Outcomes & Benefits

The integrated system seamlessly combined various functions including part pre-inspection, waterjet cutting, drilling, cleaning, and follow-on inspection. This integration resulted in an impressive projected productivity improvement of over 40%, with the streamlined process significantly slashing cycle times and enhancing overall production efficiency. By eliminating the necessity for dedicated machines, the system effectively reduced CapEx requirements. Furthermore, the reduction in facility footprint contributed to cost savings and efficient space utilization.


PAR’s Adaptive Manufacturing capabilities played a pivotal role in achieving breakthrough productivity, as they effectively minimized errors stemming from process uncertainties. This approach ensured high accuracy and consistent quality across all components. The integration of advanced compensation technologies and optimized processes seamlessly aligned with industry standards, reflects a commitment to a sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing approach.


In conclusion, PAR Systems’ Integrated Waterjet Trim/Drill System successfully transformed the company’s manufacturing processes.

System Highlights

  •  6-axis gantry system: contour mapping, waterjet cutting, clamping, drilling, and cleaning.
  • Enhances productivity over single-process
  • Siemens CNC controls power the system.
  • Automatic calibration for precision and faster
  • Extendable clamp arms for part clamping and precise depth-critical drilling.
  • Contour mapping adapts tool paths to part
    deviation from nominal.
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